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In The News

Election results for the seat of Menzies

By Ian Keese

All of Manningham is located in the seat of Menzies, named after Sir Robert Menzies, a long-serving leader of the Liberal Party and Prime Minister of Australia in the 1950s and 1960s. For many years Menzies has been considered a safe Liberal seat, but this year Labor came very close to taking it from the Liberals. After preferences were distributed, the difference was only 1,377 votes out of 101,019 formal votes or 1.3%.

Of the seven candidates on the ballot paper, the majority of votes went to:

Liberals (Keith Wolahan)  42,526 42.10%

Labor (Naomi Oakley)  33,635 33.30%

Greens (Bill Pheasant)   14,289 14.14%

When preferences were distributed, almost all the Greens’ votes went to Labor. At the

same time, the Liberals picked up votes from some of the minor parties.

People will argue over the reasons for this swing again the Liberal Party in Menzies, but two factors that could have played a part were: having a new Liberal Candidate, Keith Wolahan, replacing the long-serving Kevin Andrews, as well as a general move across the country against the Liberal Party.

If you go to the Australian Electoral Commission website and the 2022 Federal Election, you can get detailed figures for each polling place. Liberal votes were strongest in Bulleen, Doncaster and parts of Doncaster East, Park Orchards, Templestowe Park and Templestowe West. Labor votes were particularly strong in Box Hill, Box Hill North, parts of Doncaster East, Templestowe Heights, Warrandyte and North Warrandyte.

“I want to thank our community forgetting your trust in me. With a great sense of humility and duty, I will give my all to be your representative.” - Keith Wolahan, new MP for Menzies